Will and Estate Planning

Wills you can use to avoid dependent administration and to name the beneficiaries of an estate rather…

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Guardianship Attorney

Guardianship’s of the person and guardianship’s of the estate become necessary when an individual is unable to make decisions regarding…

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Elder Law

Elder law is the general term used to refer to helping people understand the issues that they may face as they age. This is a very broad topic, which encompasses everything from…

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Estate Planning & Probate of Estates

Estates are either probated through an independent administration, which only requires that the court admit the Will to probate and…

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Real Estate

real estate law

Real Estate Titles and Contracts

Very rarely is real estate sold, whether as raw land or with improvements and whether residential or commercial, without a contract detailing the expectations of the parties. These contracts are attempts to address issues before they arise or give the parties opportunity to determine if there are issues.

These issues can range from condition of the property to the condition of the title to the property, which is determined through a review of the title history. Title history reviews are generally conducted by title companies, but may be conducted by an individual attorney in reviewing.

As an attorney, I utilize my expertise and experience with title issues and procedures to cure clouds on titles and objections to titles. It is important that any contract consider what issues need to be addressed and that they be discussed. These issues can involve a simple residential closing or a complicated commercial transaction. An attorney is an important part of the process from the initial questions of title, problems with title through contracts for purchase or sale, and to be sure that there are no issues after closing.

The attorney is also important to clarify and confirm that all of the parties involved in the closing understand their various jobs and responsibilities, and do not interfere with the responsibilities of the other parties to the closing, which may include loan and mortgage companies, real estate agents, title company, surveyor, repair requirements and post-closing contracts.

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