Will and Estate Planning

Wills you can use to avoid dependent administration and to name the beneficiaries of an estate rather…

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Guardianship Attorney

Guardianship’s of the person and guardianship’s of the estate become necessary when an individual is unable to make decisions regarding…

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Elder Law

Elder law is the general term used to refer to helping people understand the issues that they may face as they age. This is a very broad topic, which encompasses everything from…

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Estate Planning & Probate of Estates

Estates are either probated through an independent administration, which only requires that the court admit the Will to probate and…

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Thomas Mastin will speak to groups on the importance of planning and issues facing families involving business, real estate, elder issues, estate planning and probate – all in the pursuit of family peace.

Estate Planning and Probate of Estates

Thomas Mastin will work with you one-on-one to identify your needs and determine a solution that fits your situation.
These areas include: Power of Attorney, Wills, Probate of Estates, Inheritance, Heirships, and Family Settlements.

Elder Law

Thomas Mastin can help you prepare for both the expected and unexpected complications of aging. He is known for valuing the client’s sentiments and sensitivities while working through difficult processes. Covering: Guardianships, Elder Issues, and Planning.

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Real Estate

Thomas Mastin began his career as a Real Estate Broker before going to Law School; therefore, he has a strong understanding of Real Estate Law as a practitioner in the field and from a legal prospective. Areas include: Titles, Contracts, Land Issues, Closings & Leases.


Thomas Mastin obtained his undergraduate degree in finance and business and can assist with Business Issues, Entity Formation, Corporation, LLC, and Partnerships.

Thomas Mastin is a lawyer with over 30 years experience. His office is located in Fort Worth Texas. He focuses on transactional law with an emphasis in Estate Planning, Elder Law, Business, and Real Estate. His mission is to provide efficient resolutions to legal situations while valuing the client’s sentiments and sensitivity.


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